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REthinking our REsponsibilities
while REspecting our planet, 
so you can RElax & REimagine
a better future


REfoam is REcognizable with it’s destinctive oatmeal color, which sets it apart from traditional EPS products on the shelf! Everyone will REcognize and see that you are being a REsponsible consumer.


REfoam is as REliable and cost effective as our traditional EPS products.  You don’t have to sacrafice the dependability you rely on in order to be environmentally REsponsible!  This REwards you with the satisfaction of purchasing a REspectable product while saving money! 


REfoam is REusable!  Our products are created to be REused over and over again!  Products made with REfoam are proven to be Resiliant and REliable for REpeated use!


Products made with REfoam can be REpurposedYou can get creative and use them as a grocery holder, hot meal transporter, wall art, outdoor shelter for stray cats, ottoman, planters, Halloween or Christmas decorations, etc.  More Ideas

REfoam is made of material that can be REcycled, densified 
REmanufactured into new durable fun products! 
Next time you buy a picture frame, package of hangers or a 
surfboard ... it could be made from a REfoam product that a 

REsponsible consumer decided to REcycleMore Info on recycling.  How to recycle.


REfoam products can be REclaimed by our planet!  Why? They are oxo-degradable!  Each product is made with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and blended with a small amount of additive to catalyze degradation while promoting oxidation.  What does this mean?  It means, if a REfoam product is carelessly discarded at the park, lake or river ... natural sunlight, heat and moisture will accelerate the oxo-degradation process which allows the material to oxidize and then be consumed by microorganisms found in the environment.  And that means that it is no longer a plastic or micro plastic.  Thus REducing its long term effects on the planet! 


REfoam is REliable and has been designed to not show degradation for approximately 2 years in dry storage conditions.  This allows a reasonable shelf life for the product to be inventoried and used.



How it started ... 


REfoam is a stingy user of raw material and can be up to 98% air.  Yet remains durable, versatile, effective and economical.

2019 - 2.png
2019 - 1.png


1 Year in the Garden

No special landfill needed!  Heat, moisture and sunlight help speed up the process.

2020 - 2.png
2020 - 1.png


2 Years in the Garden

Byproducts are CO2, H20 and humus (compost, which is lab proven to be non-harmful to sensitive plant, animal or aquatic life.

flower 2.png
2022 - 3.png
2022 - 2.png
2022 - 1.png


4 Years in the Garden

click on pictures to magnify

click on pictures to magnify

click on pictures to magnify

Noticeable difference in degradation from the original wall thickness.

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